Palm Trees

Palm Tree Information

blue agave palm tree

Blue Agave

  • Great heat tolerance and grows best in full sun
  • Life span of 8 - 14 years
  • Take 6 - 10 years to mature
  • Can reach over 7'
  • Will sprout a stalk when about 5 years old that can gow an additional 15' topped with yellow flowers
  • Hardy until 25 degrees F
  • The more mature, the better the natural sugars
  • Beginner level


Mexican blue fan palm tree

Mexican Blue Fan Palm

  • Very rare and slow growing palm
  • Very hardy palm even from 15 degrees F
  • Easy maintenance, loves full sun
  • Needs to be watered about 2 times per week
  • Reach about 30' to 35'
  • Flowers hang down to even 15'
  • One of the most dramatic of palms because of its stunning leaves
  • Make excellent focal points in any landscape
  • Stunning at night when illuminated
  • Beginner level


Sago palm Tree

Sago Palm (Cycas Revolute)

  • Slow growing with unusual trunk
  • Can grow for 100 years
  • Grow in full sun but adapt to outdoor shade or indoor area
  • One of the easiest plants to grow and care for
  • Can grow curious ways like multiple trunks or branches
  • Low light will produce long leaves
  • Bright light will produce short leaves
  • Will not change color when too dry so water thoroughly
  • Established Sagos can easily survive drought
  • If grown in container allow soil to be almost dry before watering
  • Beginner or expert


Bismarckia Palm Tree


  • Usually grown in soil rich in iron and aluminum
  • Can tolerate some drough but needs to be watered often
  • From Madagascar, flowering palm
  • Gray to tan in color
  • Natural habitat can grow to 85' but in cultivation usually grow to 40'
  • Rounded leaves can grow 10' wide in maturity
  • Mostly fire resistant
  • Have massive crowns
  • Need pleanty of room in landscape area
  • Beginner or expert


Mediterranean Palm Tree

Mediterranean Palm (Chamaerops numilis)

  • Unique, rugged, cold hardy and drought resistant
  • Usually grown 15' but ranges in color and shape
  • Hardier than most palms
  • Beautiful accent in patio or garden, use as screen or plant several side by side as a barrier
  • Grown in any container or planter
  • Grows slowly but even when small
  • Looks beautiful in any landscape
  • Have multiple trunks surrounding main trunk
  • Most will remove some trunks and trim to looklike "Mini Palms"
  • Beginner or expert


Mexican Fan Palm Tree

Mexian Fan Palm (Washingtonia Robusta)

  • "Sky scraper of palms" can grow to 100' but more commonly seen at 40' - 50'
  • Likes to be grown in full sun, partial sun or patial shade but prefers full sun for best growth
  • Will tolerate poor soil and drought
  • Fast growth rate
  • Does not attract wildlife
  • Fruit leaves are not a litter problem
  • Requires little pruning
  • Salt resistant
  • Root rot can occur if planted in too wet of an area
  • Beginner or expert


Golden Bisnaga Barrel Cactus

Golden Bisnaga Barrel Cactus

  • Desert dweller, can cope with intesnse heat and even some frost
  • Cultivation require full sun, little water, good drainage
  • Very popular house plants
  • Typically grown in area where water flows irregularly or in depressions where water can accumulate for short periods of time
  • Very shallow root system
  • Cannot take freezing temperatures for logn periods of time
  • Beginner or expert


Pindo Palm Tree

Pindo (Jelly Palm) (Butia Capitata)

  • One of the hardiest feathered palms
  • Grown to 20' tall, leaves 5 to 10' long
  • Produces bright orange fruit
  • Prefer full san, partiall sun or partial shade
  • Soil tolerance includes clay, sand, acidic, well drained soil
  • When grown in dryer soail tend to be smaller
  • When grown in full sun tend to be more compact
  • Tough plant and survives in hot urban landscapes
  • Will thrive without food or fertilizer because of high drough tolerance
  • Roots and lower trunk can rot if soil is kept too moist
  • Beginner or expert


Phoenix Canariensis Palm Tree

Phoenix Canariensis

  • Large solitary palm 40' to 60' tall
  • Slow growing, only 10' in 15 years
  • Usually pruned to look like a pineapple
  • Small white flowers
  • Prefers full sun
  • Has 15' to 20' long, green, long-lived toothed leaves and brush-like stalks
  • Hardy until 20 degrees F then leaves will become damaged and is very slow to recover
  • Has a slight higher maintenance then other palms
  • Messy fruit droppings and fruit cleanup clean up required
  • Adults are drough resistent
  • Water young plants for healty look
  • Beginner or expert


Roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix Roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm

  • Small to medium size
  • Slow growing
  • Prefers partial shade to full sun
  • Little pruning
  • Resistant to pests
  • Likes lots of water
  • Slender tree 6' to 10' tall
  • Morning sun for best growth
  • Flowers small yellowish
  • Can survive in 24 degree F weather for short period of time
  • Beginner or expert